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What Are Llamas?

Llamas are members of the camelid family. Thay originate in South America. They have three relatives in South America, The Alpaca, th Guanaco, and The Vicuna. Llamas are the biggest of the four. It is true that they do spit, but only at each other to establish a pecking order. If a llama ever spits at you, you deserve it, They are basically telling you to buzz of because you are bieng annoying. But it is unlikely that they would. We have raised llamas for 3 years and Ive only been spit on 3 times. If one spits on you at a petting zoo, that is because they are generally mistreated at the petting zoos. Look at it from thier piont of view, if you were locked in a cage and poked at all day every day of your life, you wouldnt be a happy camper either!

They are very easy to train, and can learn to lead in under half an hour. They produce excellent fibre, one of the softest in the world! Thye generally live to be 20 years old. They have a single baby every year and I must admit, they are the cutest things ever!

To give you an idea what they are like. I have a pet llama of my own, he is a gelded male. He knows me from everyone else, and treats me different. It took me about 2 weeks to get him from never bieng on a halter to winning second place at an obsticle course competition! He has his own personality of course. He is a showman. While other llamas will do something, he does it with a spring in his step and a little fliar. He is very friendly, but gets insulted easily (trust me on this!). I love his personality, he knows that I am 'his' human, and he lets me do things with him no one else can!

The picture on this page is not of one of our Llamas, I hope to get one soon!

What Do We Do With Our Llamas?

We do lots of things with our llamas, we breed them, use them for wool show stock, thereapy, carting, and sheep gaurds.

We use them for breeding stock, they better the breeding the more money they are worth (although selling a llama is like trying to sell your pet dog!).

They produce an excellent wool that is extremely warm. Different llamas have different types, but the finest are the best! We have made some yarn and have bought a poncho made of the fibre.

They are excellent for therapy! We once had a lady come to our farm who was picking up surveys given out. She had been giong all day and was dead tired by the time she got to our place. We took her out to see the llamas and she said that she felt so much calmer and more relaxed! They have and aura about them that seems to calm anyone who comes their way!

We use them for carting just like horses. We hitch them up in teams to carts and take them out for a ride. It takes about six minutes to break a llama and about twenty to teach them to pull a cart.

We use our gelding males as sheepgaurds, and they do an excellent job! They are able to see anything about to attcka dn scare it away. They also take care of the sheep, pointing out any that seem sick or hurt.

All in all, I think llamas are some of the best animals to have around they are incredibly smart, and they have personalities. Some people ask us if we would eat llama meat, our response is, "Would you eat your dog?" Each one of them is like a pet, and they are a joy to raise!