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"Hell Hath no Fury as a Womans Scorn"

Sixty-nine days into this desert I realize, there is no point.
All the lazy hypocrites with thier
kissyourass/stabyourback routine.
Them and thier goddamn minute maid, 24/7, slick dick solutions.
Means Shit to me

"Praise the Lord!"
(Fuck the Lady)
"Cherish the son!"
(Rape the Daughter)

All the basterds who sing-song thier redemption,
Hope your fucking La-La Land is Happy
Because when your bloated asses are prancing around there:
Me and my Lilithian Sisters will take all your meager Dogmae,
Snake-Shed it off,
And join our beloved, so called, Bitch-Goddess.

Memento Homo, Quad Cinises, Et In Cenerem Reverentis
Remember Oh Man, for you are ashes, and into ashed you will return.

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