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The Realm of Artemisilveraven

Welcome to my Realm!

Welcome to my Realm! This is my own dark corner on the web, a place for me to indulge myself by saying what I think, and if someone hears me, all the better. I have areas in this page of anything that interests me, I hope you find it interesting as well as I But for now, put up your feet and relax, and I hope you enjoy your journey!

Check out my brand new web page devoted to my art, took awhile to get up, but I assure you it is well worth the visit! Go there now!

For those of you who wonder about my name...Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt and moon. Like her, I love the hunt for things I treasure, and I raise my head to the moon for strength. Silver is my favorite metal. It shines faintly, and is subtle, unlike gold. The Raven is my bird. Like it, I am a shadow in the backgrounds. While the Eagle has the spotlight, the Raven is in the dark, seeing all, and passess unnoticed. Just a little indulgence for myself :)

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From out her tomb come raven scorn
Defiant of thy jaded faith
Justly from her soul be wrent,
Thine eternity be held to grace.


Discussion Board

Alright, here it is! My discussion board! Feel free to post anything that concerns you, but let me remind you, I do have a few basic rules!
1. No foul language, insults, idiotic behavior etc.
2. This is a Pagan/Wiccan message board, please try to keep the topic relavent.
3. No Spamming or advertising, etc.

Artemisilveraven's message board
Welcome to Artemisilveraven's message board

You are the soul to journey through my realm.

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