This page is of some of my fav links. I have a big collection, and please browse through them, they are awesome!
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Wicca Links

The Secret Garden
An awesome place. Has a chatroom, and many very interesting links!

The Pentacle Chat
A cool chat place.

Athenas Chat
Another nice chat, mihgt have to wait for someone to drop by, but always interesting people!

IMHO-the best Wicca site on the net.

The Witches League for Public Awarness
A very informtive site about Wiccan news and issues.

Ashlynns Grove-A pagan information resource
Over 30 MB of info, I got lost in here for hours!

The Celtic Connection
Another site full of interesting information. Well worth a visit!

Leandras Circle of Light
A wonderful site made by one of my friends, and lots of info yet agian :)

1,000,000 Paranormal links
Well, I don't know if there are 1,000,000 but there are certainly too many to count!

Dragon Links

Draconity test
See how much dragon you have in you, take this test!

Here be Dragons
An awesome dragon page, very interesting!

Friends Links

An awesome friend on mine, I love this guy!

Crimson Fox's Den of Dementia
This guy is so cool! Go here and check out his poetry, hes awesome!

Savageboomers homepage
A nice friend of mine. She is Wiccan, and really cool!

Tink's Page
Anther one of my friends pages, shes cool... so go check out her page!

Egyptian Links

Walk like and Egyptian
Excellent archive on all sorts of Egyptain myth and culture, take a look!

Neferhoteps Realm
Half homepage, half archive; and very beautiful graphics!

Art Links

The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Boswer
A fabulous artist! he is truly gifted!

Slawek's ultimate guide to science-fiction/fantasy/space and surreal art on the Net
The most complete listing of this sort of art I have found!

Other Links

Mystery and Magic
A collection of free-form roly playing games.. they are the best!

A very useful search engine, I use it all the time!

Graveyard Shift
A cool archive of ghost stories, always great for a scare!

Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
An awesome place to go and spend an hour, go and learn about strange things!

Ask Sister Rossetta
This has got to be one of the funniest pages in the world! I suggest all Wiccans, Pagans, and anyone else who is interested, go here. This site prooves that ignorance really is infinate!

Jones Soda
Home of the Best soda in the world. Unique flavours and awesome style!
An extensive page about my absolute favorite music, nothing else in the world comes close to the 'Voice of Enigma'!

The Hocus Pocus Palace
A neat page with some interesting 'magical' games to play...

DarkEcho Horror
For anyone who enjoys the horror Genre or emotion, visit this site.

Omni magazine
A really cool science magazine...kinda out there but really interesting!

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