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Welcome to my Gallery!

To the left you will find some links that will lead you to some of my artwork. There is not a lot in there right now, as I am just getting this page up and running. Much more will be put on in the next month or so. Keep checking back, as by the end of August I hope to have some prints up for sale! If you have Images equipped on your browser and you still see nothing but a red 'X', that means that I haven't been able to put up that piece yet, but it will be up soon!

As you are browsing through my work, you may notice that at the bottom of every page I have a place where you can tell me whether or not you would purchase some of my work. I would appreciate it if you are interested in some of my work that you would tell me. It will help me to decide which works to get printed and how many.

Someof my pieces I have had photocopied, and these are presently for sale. The photocopies are much cheaper than prints, but they are also poorer quality. Where there are pieces for sale you will see a .

Along with doing my own work, I have also done commissioned work. Look in the pencils area to see some of the portraits I have done. If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me an email here. I will only work in ink, pencil or conte pencil crayon at the present time.

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