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About the Artist

I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, about 20 minutes away from a small town of 2000 people. Me and my parents run a small farm where we grow grain and raise llamas and sheep. I have been working with and training the animals for years, and doing general farmwork. I am an only child and for many years living far away from my friends led me to develop a 'slightly' overactive imagination. From a young age I have always been drawing or doodling, which eventually led to me creating such works as you have seen on this page.

I have recently graduated from high school, and next year starting in January I will be going to a tech school to get my commercial pilots license. I have also been a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets for six years. I graduated from the program with my Gliders license and my Private Pilots license. Although I am looking forward to a career as a pilot, I will never stop doing artwork, and hopefully selling it too!

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