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Wicca-My faith

Years ago, I remember sitting in church, and constantly wishing it were all over and I could go home. At that time, I knew I had a wonderful life, I was very greatful to God (or whatever higher power was out there) for my life. Even then, praying gave me nothing. I felt as if I were talking to something that was not there. I am not a very physical person, and have always reached for the spiritual. I felt that there was something missing.

One night nearing Halloween, TLC had on a special about the history of Witches. Always interested in that stuff, I watched. I learnt about people who call themselves witches today. After another year, I found what Wicca really was. Now I love it. Wicca had filled what I wasnt getting from christainity. There are many things I love about Wicca. The worship of a God and Goddess, not one God. As well you are able to be your own priest/priestess. I love my religion, and it has helped me in many ways in my life. As well, I dont believe that Wicca is the right religion for everyone. It is right for me.

I personally worship the Goddess and God, and I pay respect to the Elements. I love to follow the cycles of the moon, and I am deeply affected by the turning of the seasons. I live in one of the most varied climates in the world, and each day I can follow the wheel of the year.

I believe that the Goddess is mother earth, and the God father sky. They are two opposite yet equal parts of the whole. The female is the Moon, the mind, the healer, the teacher, the nurturer, and works with things metaphysical. The Male is the sun, the body, the warrior, the sage and is of things physical.

Unamed Chant

Mother of the earth
Teacher of the Wiccan way
Goddess of the moonlight
Come and wash my fears away

God of the sunshine
Father of the sky
Show me how to live my day
Teach me how to fly


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